Site Plan Approval

Streamlining the process for integration of your project with regulatory requirements and local approvals.

Obtaining site plan approval is a crucial step in the development process, and it often involves coordination with various consultants to ensure compliance with local regulations and standards. some key aspects and studies that may be required for site plan approval:

1- Site Analysis
2- Environmental Impact Assessment
3- Traffic Impact Study
4- Stormwater Management Plan
5- Utility Studies
6- Landscaping Plan
7- Architectural Design Review
8- Zoning Compliance
9- Public Consultation
10- Legal and Regulatory Compliance
11- Civil Engineering Studies
12- Fire Safety Plan
13- Accessibility Compliance
14- Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment
15- Health and Safety Compliance

Sample Works

Auto Display Dealership

Location:   Bolton-Caledon / ON
Status:       On going project
Addition:   2200 sf

Finch-Town Hose

Location:   North York / ON
Status:       Designed
Addition:   4 Units

Sheppard-Town House

Location:   North York / ON
Status:       Designed
Addition:    12 units